Cookies with Compassion

Allergen free, Delicious & Healthy Treats to Support the Causes U-LUV.

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Why U-LUV Cookies


Free of Nuts, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, & GMO

Natural & Sustainable Ingredients

Our Mission is Compassion

The U-LUV Mission

10% Of Every Cookie Purchased Is Given To A Compassionate Cause.

People Matter

From Customers To Coworkers, From Moms To Those In Need- We Believe The People In Our Lives Matter.

Quality Speaks

So We Use Pure Trusted Ingredients So All Our Cookies Are Delicious & Wholesome For Everyone.

Generosity Returns

Every Cookie Goes To Help Others Because Generosity Should Be Built-in, Not An Afterthought.

U-LUV Cookies - 10 PACK

Healthy Snacks and Treats to Support Causes U-LUV!

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Why U-LUV Foods?

At U-LUV Foods, you know you’re getting high-quality food products and treats from a reputable company that’s committed to providing you with a great experience and delicious food without any allergens or preservatives. Our food is vegan, free of nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, and made without utilizing GMOs. Our ingredients are natural and sustainable, and our mission is compassion! When you partner with us for delicious and nutritious products, you can positively impact the causes U-LUV to help make a better world for everyone!

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Don’t stress out about finding delicious and wholesome treats for you or your family anymore, and order your U-LUV cookies online! You can purchase these cookies wholesale from us by using our partnership with Faire to provide you with a seamless customer experience. You enjoy risk-free buying with free returns and stress-free payments and shopping for U-LUV cookies, so you can feel good about your buying experience. Get started with making a positive impact on the world with compassionate products and causes U-LUV with cookies and treats from U-LUV Foods!

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