A Guide to the Best U-LUV Foods Cookie Flavors

At U-LUV Foods, we offer the best low-calorie cookies that are vegan, natural, and free of nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO. Aside from the quality we put into our cookies, we also are dedicated to giving back, and that is why 10% of every cookie we sell is given to a compassionate cause. Not only are our treats healthy, but they are delicious too! We offer brownie, birthday cake, snickerdoodle, and ginger spice cookie flavors that are classic choices for any cookie lovers! Get your U-LUV Cookies today!


A child holding a bag of Brownie flavored U-Luv Cookies

Our U-LUV Brownie is made from sustainable ingredients and is the perfect flavor for any chocolate lover. Additionally, we ensure our treats are gluten and GMO free for your convenience. 


A bag of Snickerdoodle flavored U-Luv Cookies

Our U-LUV Snickerdoodle is not only delicious, but it is made from quality, healthy ingredients too! This flavor is a favorite among many, and just like all of our other flavors, our allergy-free snacks leave out any traces of peanuts, dairy, and more for your peace of mind. 

Birthday Cake

A group of children walking with Birthday Cake flavored U-Luv Cookies

Are you looking for a colorful cookie that is tasty and perfect for a celebration? If so, our U-LUV Birthday Cake is the cookie for you! Enjoy our non-GMO snacks that feature nutritional benefits you can depend on. 

Ginger Spice 

A woman enjoying Ginger and Spice flavored U-Luv Cookies

Are you looking for a little spice in your life? Our U-LUV Ginger Spice is a tasty flavor that gives off the ginger aroma we all love. We are dedicated to providing a perfectly balanced vegan cookie, and you can purchase all of our flavors in packs of 10. 


At U-LUV Foods, we bake with compassion in mind, and we care about the quality we provide to our customers. If you are interested in learning more about our mission, we encourage you to get in touch with us today!

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