The Denver Post "LUVS" U-LUV Cookies

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Thank you for supporting small business. We hope U-LUV our snacks.  
At U-LUV Foods, our mission is to create great-tasting snacks that contribute to compassionate causes.
That's why we're including a FREE 30ML Bottle of Hand Sanitizer with every 3-pack purchase (while supplies last).
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's a small gesture that we hope warms your heart during this difficult time but the compassionate mission of U-LUV Foods won't stop there. 
Over the coming months, you will see charity outreaches with compassion-driven organizations. This info will also include how-to support and get involved with these organization's work. 
Our products are free from all 8 major allergens & low in sugar, fat and calories. 
At U-LUV Foods, we live by the following values: 

  1. People Matter -- From co-workers, to neighbors, to small businesses. 
  2. Quality Speaks -- Quality is the best marketing.
  3. Generosity Returns -- Generosity should be built-in, not an afterthought. 
We pride ourselves in quality, taste and your satisfaction. We hope we exceeded your expectations with your first order.
Don't forget, we got some goodies  for you trying our products. We are also giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card, the more you play the more chances to win (emails sent automatically after purchase):
  • 10% off coupon for first-time purchase
  • 10% off coupon for a friend
  • 10% off for leaving us a review (email comes 10 days after placing order)
Many of you found us through The Denver Post or Daily Camera, for those that may have missed the article, please click on the read more button below.
From ALL of us at U-LUV Foods, we want to say thank you.

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