U-Luv Foods Breaks Down Food Allergies in the US

At U-LUV Foods, we care about the ingredients we use in our treats, and we are a fantastic food choice because all of our snacks are allergen-free. Food allergies in the U.S. impact millions of people, and unfortunately, many foods contain common allergens that people have to avoid. Allergies are a very common chronic health condition, and at U-LUV Foods, our allergen-free snacks are both nutritious and delicious. We encourage you to read below to discover more about food allergies in the U.S. Get your U-LUV Cookies today!

The Most Common Food Allergies 

The most common food allergens include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. When people are allergic to certain foods, the body sees this substance as harmful, which results in a reaction ranging from hives, eczema, asthma, and even anaphylactic shock. 

How Do Food Allergies Impact People?

A package of Lemon flavored U-Luv Cookies

Both food allergies and food intolerances can be hard to manage in order to maintain a wholesome diet. Many foods include these common allergens, and at U-LUV Foods, it is our mission to ensure that our customers are taken care of so that they do not have to worry about the ingredients in their vegan cookies. 

Can Food Allergies Be Cured?

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Some food allergies are easier to grow out of than others, and peanuts and tree nuts are examples of food allergies that tend to stick around for life. If you have an allergy to milk, eggs, or wheat, on the other hand, there is a better chance you might outgrow these food allergies. 

Our Cookies 

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Not only are our tasty treats free from all eight major FDA allergens, but they are also non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan plant-based, and use sustainable ingredients. If you are interested in any of our different flavor options, we encourage you to shop our cookies today!

Food allergies in the U.S. are a common chronic health condition, and at U-LUV Foods, all of our allergy-free snacks leave out the most common allergens. If you want a snack that is healthy and tasty, we hope you’ll shop all of our flavors and find the perfect cookie for you! Learn more about our mission today. 

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