Why We Started U-Luv Cookies

Here at U-Luv Foods, we love creating and sharing our U-Luv Cookies with our community, both in our home state of Colorado and by shipping our treats across the country! However, for us, U-Luv Cookies is more than just cookies, and in this blog post, we’re sharing a bit about why we started our business and the passion behind what we do. Continue reading to learn more, and get your U-Luv Cookies today!

We Wanted to Create Healthy AND Delicious Snacks

We knew that food could be delicious and healthy, but so much of the health food we found on our grocery store shelves was bland. Other snacks that were delicious relied on artificial flavoring. So we went to work creating a cookie that was both healthy and delicious — and that’s how U-Luv Cookies was born!

We Needed Allergy-Free Snacks We Could Count On

If you or someone you love has food allergies, you know how hard it can be to find food you can rely on. So much of the food we encounter has nuts or soy or other allergies, but with U-Luv Cookies, you can count on them being 100% allergy-free. Our allergy-free snacks are also vegan, and we hope that people with all kinds of dietary needs can enjoy our tasty treats!

image of U-Luv cookies in shopping cart

We Care About Sustainability

So much of what we consume as Americans is unstainable, but it is possible to make a product that is filled with natural and sustainable ingredients. The best food is sourced sustainably, and our U-Luv Cookies are not only delicious, but they’re also better for the planet than other snacks you may find.

hands making a heart shape and holding U-Love cookies

We Have A Passion For Helping Others

We believe that any good business must be built on a solid foundation — for us, that foundation is our passion for helping others. Ten percent of our profits go to an organization that supports compassionate causes for humanity and the world. We love what we do, and we believe generosity should be a built-in, not an afterthought.

Get Your U-Love Cookies Today!

We hope you learned a bit more about U-Luv Foods, and if you’re interested in trying our cookies for yourself, order a box today!

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